eBike FAQ
Who are eBikes good for?

Everyone regardless of ability, experience, age, or gender.

Why are eBikes good for the environment?

They run on electricity which means there is no carbon emissions and no sound pollution. They have no negative impacts onto the environment.

Can kids go on eBikes?

You have to be 14+ to legally ride an eBike. However, we do have a kids trailer that attaches onto an eBike for an additional £5. This seats up to 2 kids who are 18+ months, and under 110cm tall.

Can eBikes go uphill?

Yes, the eBike will assist you to tackle steeper inclines making the journey a lot easier.

Where to rent eBikes near me?

With us, Shrewsbury eBike Hire! We are situated at 6 Claremont Hill, Shrewsbury, SY11RD. Call 01743 244800 or email info@shrewsburyebikehire.co.uk

Are eBikes good for exercise?

Yes, they are good for both your physical and mental wellbeing. They gently work your cardiovascular system and are proven to reduce stress levels. You’ll be able to go further and do more so overall you’ll use the same amount of energy.

eBikes versus normal bike?

eBikes can travel greater distances, faster, using less effort and strain than a manual bike.

How long does an eBike battery last?

It can last for the whole day depending on the amount of power you use. The battery can do around 35 miles.

Are eBikes hard to control?

No, they are very easy to use. You control how much power you would like to use at all times. You can even turn the power off and use it manually if needed for tight maneuvers.

Are eBikes waterproof?

Yes, don’t let the weather put you off, they can still be used in the rain!

Are eBikes safe to ride?

Our eBikes are regularly maintained by a trained member of staff and checked every time they go out. We also encourage road safety and riding in low and non-traffic routes wherever possible. We can recommend routes that give you plenty to see and enjoy, whilst avoiding major roads and busy places. Shropshire really is blessed with lots of quieter roads and cycle paths, and this is growing all the time. And we even provide a link to the highway code to brush up on cycle laws in our booking confirmation info for anyone who hasn’t been out for a while.