Shrewsbury eBike Hire

Shrewsbury is such a unique and wonderful place. There are some fantastic exploration and discovery to be had

Discover Shrewsbury the easy way

As easy to ride as a conventional bike, your electric bike will take you to all the best local sites, sweat-free, relaxed and at your own pace. Hire a bike, grab a helmet (if you want one) and head off to discover Shrewsbury and the surrounding area. As soon as you feel the bike doing the hard work you’ll realise this has to be the best way to see Shrewsbury. We guarantee you will have as much fun riding the electric bike as you do seeing the sites!

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Discover the beauty of Shrewsbury by eBike.

We have a number of suggested bike tour routes in Shrewsbury and the surrounding area, including a traffic free one, for you to follow, and because our bikes are so nimble require so little effort, you’ll be able to see much more of our beautiful historic town and surrounding areas, than you would on a conventional hire bike.

How to hire

Our eBikes are available to hire on a half or full day basis booking is online 

you can always call or pop into the office and get one on the day if available 

Half-day hires are £35 per bike and is 3 hrs, We do morning 9:30 to 12:30 or afternoon 13:00 to 16:00

Full day hires are £60 per bike and is up to 8 hrs 

all our eBikes come with an adjustable helmet and repair kit 

All hires require a photo ID as well as deposit 

legal age is 14+ for use of eBike 

To book online now 


All eBikes come with

Fully Charged

Your eBike will come fully charged giving you peace of mind as you head off to explore, 

Fully Maintained

We keep our bikes fully maintained with our bike mechanic, all bikes are fully checked before geing on hire

Safety equipment

Your safety is important, that's why each bike is supplied with an adjustable helmet, Bike also have head & rear lights 

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Our ebikes come with 5 power settings and will do up to 25KPH and with 6 speed Shimano gears you will be able to go further a lot easyer 

Full repair kit

No matter how well looked after bikes are they can still have breakdowns and punctures and although we don't expect you to fix these,  we do supply you with the tools  and for ease a can of tyre inflate 

Bike Locks

To allow you the freedoom to explore what you find we supply you with bike locks so you can secure the bikes and explore

So much to see!

Shrewsbury Castle
The-Dingle in the Quarry
Shrewsbury Canoe Hire in the Quarry
Folk Festival
The Sabrina Boat tours
Prison Tours

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